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Please fill in all of the information requested below to request us to assign a username and password for your service center. Once all pertinent information has been filled in, read the Restriction on access agreement and press the"I agree. Please process my application."button to send the form to Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division.  Please allow some time for us to research your business and send a response to the Contact Person at the email address given.  If your business is listed somewhere on the web or you have a business web page, please include a link to it in the comments box. Please list your certification or qualifications.   We will email you for further information if we are unable verify your business as a service center or you as a qualified service technician.

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  • You may NOT share this information with customers or others who are not in the business of servicing Hitachi products.
  • Hitachi will not be held responsible for any damages that may result from accidents or any other reasons during the operation of or service to any unit, according to these documents.
  • Circuitry, training and other materials contained herein are meant strictly for the technical support of qualified service technicians.
  • Only qualified service centers in the business of providing repair and maintenance service to Hitachi products may access this information.
  • Any non-qualified individual is in violation of the intent of this site. Hitachi is not responsible for any damages, injury or other loss associated with non-qualified individuals who may gain access to this site by falsifying credentials.
We will check the information you provide with public records to verify that you are a bona-fide service center or educator providing training in the servicing of consumer electronic equipment.By applying here you agree that any violation of the conditions herein constitutes a breach of your authorized service facility agreement with Hitachi, if applicable.  Such breach may result in termination of the authorized service agreement.

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